Why Do I Have Muscle Pain After A Full Body Massage?

The last thing you want after investing huge sums of money to get your body massaged is to wake up the next day with a painful body. Massage has been confirmed as the ultimate cure for body pains, stress, migraines, and muscle tension. So, pain and soreness are the least side effects you will want to experience. But then, massage training experts have said that soreness after massage therapy is not something absurd. It happens to most customers and these are the key reasons behind it.

Little or no muscle warm up before the actual massage therapy is considered the first most common reason behind the after-massage pain. Seasoned massage therapists will tell you that muscle warm up before a massage therapy is essential. This is true since it will hydrate and improve the playability level of the muscles so that no injuries or soreness will be experienced after the therapy.

Partial attention to details comes second as the main cause of pain after a massage therapy. A massage therapist is required to be careful and truly attentive to details when conducting massage therapies. This is to avoid instances when your body will send signals indicating that the therapy was poorly done and your body was exposed to extreme stress and pain.

The third reason a massage therapy can result in pain and soreness is if the body and mind of the patient are experiencing belated spasms. A full and detailed massage therapy can open up your body and mind so that all the energy blockages are cleared. If this happens to interfere with your emotional and psychological comfort zones, the body may send a tense signal in reaction to such massages which can result in muscle spasm and pain.